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2023 MINI Cooper Electric vs. Nissan LEAF

2023 MINI Cooper Electric in Miami, FL

As we welcome a new electrified era of automotive innovation, many are left wondering which EV to buy. While electric cars aren’t entirely practical for, say, someone in rural Wyoming, they’re certainly an advantageous purchase for those who call urban landscapes like Miami home. And for those people, the smallest electric car wins.

Finding the best electric compact car usually comes down to price, and there are few EVs in the segment more affordable than the MINI Cooper Electric and the Nissan LEAF. Which one reigns supreme as a city-dwelling commuter car?

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Electric Vehicles: Pros & Cons of Buying an EV

Electric Vehicles near Miami

Half of America is counting down the days until all-electric vehicles take over the road. In fact, within 15 years, it’s expected that battery-electric cars will make up the majority of all vehicle sales. Of course, making the switch from fossil fuels to electricity is like switching to decaf when all you’ve drunk for the last 20 years is caffeinated. That is to say, it takes a lot of getting used to.

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